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 Who We Are 

Educators for Community Engagement (ECE) is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to fostering more democratic classrooms and communities through learning circles, service-learning, and critical dialogue. ECE brings together college and university students, faculty, staff, and local community organizations to develop and implement creative strategies for teaching, learning, and social justice. Formerly known as The Invisible College, Educators for Community Engagement is over 10 years old and has grown to a new level of maturity and gained a larger sense of purpose in recent years.

We are college and university faculty, students, staff and community partners who strive to integrate learning and service within the diverse communities in which we work and live. We approach our work in partnership and endeavor to be simultaneously teachers and learners. Critical pedagogies such as service-learning, democratic education, and community based research are central to our work. We seek to build a national community of educators and activists who are building local communities everyday through their efforts in and outside the classroom.

Educators for Community Engagement convenes an annual National Gathering - a conference like no other. National Gatherings are hosted by various colleges and universities across the nation, and deeply involve the local community in selecting topics and planning events, and discussions. The aim of these gatherings is to help enrich experiences in community based education through shared experience and deep reflection on all our roles in education. We have adopted the learning circle model at our conferences, which is rooted in the knowledge we gain through our experience and the power it gives participants to solve problems and make a difference.

Educators for Community Engagement is an all volunteer membership organization. We are our members. We are you. Academics and activists. community members and students. We are idealists who recognize the value of each otherís experiences, and honor the diverse ways knowledge is created and shared.